The New Model Army

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A Reproduction of the Battle of Naseby

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I joined the New Model Army, and even though I was the son of a pauper I had as many opportunities as I would have had if I had been born noble. As I abandoned my belief in the ecclesiastical hierarchy I also shirked my belief in my inherent lack of privilege. This was a time of opportunity, equality was finally at hand. I showed an aptitude for riding on horseback and was reasonably assigned to Oliver Cromwell’s Eastern Division cavalry troops. Discipline was incredibly strict in the army, they had us constantly training with our thick leather jerkins, wheel lock pistols, and long cavalry sabers. We were informed to always be quick and strong, to focus on the flanks where Royalist artillery and muskets were not faced. The wheel-lock pistol was a great advantage to us as we no longer needed to focus on whether the gun fuse was lit, which made firing in motion much easier. We sang psalms each morning and before each drill, the power of our faith abundantly clear as our skills improved. 

June 14th of the year 1645 was foggy as we descended upon Naseby. We were fourteen thousand strong facing a Royalist army of merely nine thousand. Both our infantry and the Royalist infantry were set in the middle of our lines, with cavalry lining the flanks. As the infantry met with a resounding clash of steel and leather Prince Rupert’s Western cavalry division swept through our Western cavalry, chasing them all the way South to our baggage train. Under Cromwell in the Eastern Division we tore through their ranks, the sounds of wheel-locks firing and steel smacking into flesh resounding throughout the field. We destroyed their center as the aggressive Royalist cavalry came back into view, now so outnumbered as to be useless. They just stood there, looking at us but unwilling to attack. We cheered Cromwell as the Royalists rode away like cowards, he was a man we would follow to our deaths.

After Naseby, each fort and stronghold we encountered surrendered with barely a fight. In 1646 Charles I surrenders to the Scotts in the belief that he could regain Scottish loyalty, but they delivered him to Parliament a mere 7 moons later. All of a sudden we were headed toward Wigan and Preston to intercept a force of twenty-four thousand Scottish Royalists with only eight thousand and five hundred men. Even though they had nearly three times as many troops as us, by the time we reached them they had been spread thinly over a span of fifty miles. We attacked the Scottish vanguard on the 17th day of August and they were no match for us with their outdated weapons and inexistent organization.

When we discovered that Parliament was negotiating with King Charles I we occupied London and seized the King. He was condemned to death by the new rump parliament we established and was executed on January 30th of the year 1649. 

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Image: Wheel Lock Pistol, Wikimedia Commons

The New Model Army